Back to Work

After my day off taking Patrick to the doctor, I’m back at work today. *Sigh* 

It’s not as if my job is stressful or taxing. I’m able to frequently listen to podcasts while I work. The phone doesn’t ring off the hook and my workload is not heavy. Nevertheless, I’d rather be able working on my Tastefully Simple business. 

 I love doing that job, helping people figure out what’s for dinner. Getting to tell people they are awesome when they make a dinner or a loaf of bread and watching  their kitchen confidence grow, that’s  the good stuff. And when I’m sharing ideas and helping people make freezer meals, my income earned is higher than my day job pay rate.

The goal I’m working toward is more consistent Tastefully Simple that would allow me to work part time at the day job and then further down the line . Full time with Tastefully Sumple. It would also be wonderful to be able to easily attend /drive around the kids to activities especially in the summer. Since they are 12-16, I’d like to soak up as much time with them as I can before they are off on their own! 

For goal setting I found a free app, the Hay House Vision Board. Here is my board. #GotGoals 


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