Back to School

Much to my dismay, the Sunday paper this week was filled with Back to School Sales. 

Blech, can’t we enjoy July? Let me have my summer damnit! I mean, early next month pre-season football starts-then by mid-August it is time to go back to school. Frankly they go back so early it makes no sense to buy clothes because it will he hit for at least the first month of school. 

Now with the boys both in HS this year, the early sales do me very little good as 2 out of 3 kids won’t get their needed supplies list until the first week of school. 

What I think I shall do is avoid sale papers until August. I need the rest of July to finish paying all the school fees as it is right now. 

Summer it seems like you just got here! I don’t want to rush back to school! 


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