The next several days are forecast to be super hot and humid. Tomorrow we are looking at 95 F but add in the humidity and it’s going to feel like it’s 110F. I signed up to run the Esprit De She 10k. 

I’m a bit down about missing the race. It isn’t the heat alone conspiring to keep me away, it’s a persistent sore Achilles that has me 95% certain I’m going to have to skip this race. 

See I could do the 6 mile run-and then I’m going to not be able to run for who knows how long. That’s just not going to fly. I need to run everyday even if it just for a couple miles. Running is truly as effective for me as Zoloft or Prozac and aside from my current sore ankle-without crappy side effects.

Therefore as they say on Shark Tank, and for that reason I’m out. No Tank top and finishers metal for me. Unless they reschedule the race…


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